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Bumper Stickers & Other Educational Materials

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Bumper Stickers
Other Educational Materials

 Bumper Stickers:

An easy way to educate others about fragrance-free, non-toxic living is to put one of our bumper stickers on your car. They're fun, they're catchy, and they get people thinking!

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Be aware that these stickers do have a chemical smell. It is nearly impossible to find a company that makes stickers using less toxic materials. My apologies in advance!

BUMPER STICKER #1 - (8.5" x 3.75")
Bumper Sticker #1

BUMPER STICKER #2 - (8.5" x 2.8")

Bumper Sticker #2

BUMPER STICKER COMBINATION PACK- Use this link to purchase a combination of stickers and still receive the quantity discounts. Be sure to list how many of each stickeryou want in the Paypal comments/notes section.
Bumper Sticker Combination Pack


 Other Educational Materials:

The following documents may be useful to you if you want to advocate and educate about these issues. The first five are created and copyrighted by ThinkBeforeYouStink.com - feel free to distribute these as they are, or use them simply to get ideas. The rest of the documents are from external organizations.

General Flyers (2 per page)

Chemical Sensitivities Info Sheet

4 Steps to Reduce Your Chemical & Fragrance Footprint (2 per page)

MCS Awareness Month Newspaper Article

MCS Awareness Month Letter to the Editor

Children's Environmental Health Fact Sheet  (by www.ICEH.org)

The Toxic Danger of Typical Laundry Detergent  (by www.sixwise.com)

The Toxic Danger of Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets  (by www.sixwise.com)

Perfume/Fragrance Ingredients (by www.AESSRA.org)

Air Freshener Ingredients (by www.AESSRA.org)

Scent Free Zone (by www.CCOHS.org)

Neighborhood Alert  (by www.takebacktheair.com)

Fragrance Brochure (by www.healthbrochures.info)

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