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Welcome to ThinkBeforeYouStink.com!

An educational resource for reducing your chemical and fragrance footprint, improving your health, and making your home or business safe and accessible for all.


Somehow, humanity got sidetracked...   No one truly wants to be unhealthy or feel sick. And yet, over time, our society has built up a system that directly supports illness, and not health. We use unsafe products on our bodies and in our homes dozens of times a day. We use chemicals and fragrances that are harmful to the human body in our household, beauty, and cleaning products - and businesses use them in construction, manufacturing, and virtually every other industry. 

Many people go about their daily lives not paying much attention to which products they use and what’s in the air they’re breathing. I used to be one of these people. I didn’t think much of the unpronounceable ingredients in my soap, perfume, dryer sheets, or even my food. I didn’t think they were really harming me. Later in life, as I developed chronic headaches, relentless and debilitating fatigue, severe cognitive impairment, and other symptoms, I began to make the connection between what I put on and in my body, what I was exposed to, and how I felt.

Chemical Sensitivities (CS) -- also known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or Environmental Illness (EI) -- is an increasingly prevalent condition in today's society.
I have created this website as a way to educate people about CS and the urgent need for fragrance-free, non-toxic living.

But don't fret!! This is not a "doom and gloom" website.
I fully believe that these sensitivities develop not only as a so-called illness, but also to compel us to consider a new way of living - one that is healthier for us, kinder to our bodies and to the people around us, and more sympathetic to the needs of the natural world.
Yes, there is a problem, and we need to look at it, but there is also a huge and beautiful opportunity.

You see, it's all about choices. The choices of individuals, of businesses, of governments and regulatory agencies. All of these choices add up and eventually create a societal construct that says, "This is how we do things - we put poison in our bodies every day; it's just what we do." And once something has become a societal construct, it is hard to reverse.

But we CAN reverse it - person by person, choice by choice. You, the individual, are where this process begins. And that is what this website it about.

"But why should I care?
" you might ask. "I'm not sick. I'm not sensitive to these things." The answer is two-fold. 1) We share the air and we share this earth.  The products that one person uses and the choices they make affect everyone around them. That is a fact and something we are all responsible and accountable for.  None of us live in a bubble and we must be willing to work together for the benefit of all.  2) Fragrances and many types of chemicals are potentially harmful to all people, whether immediate symptoms occur or not. In fact, it is the excessive use of fragrances and chemicals in modern-day lifestyles that has led to so many people developing CS to begin with. A lot of research also links these chemicals to cancer and other diseases. Prevention is key, especially for children who are far more susceptible to environmental toxins.


Please browse this website with an open mind and remember that people’s lives really are depending on the everyday product choices that the rest of the world makes. Probably more than any other health condition out there, you have the power to help people with Chemical Sensitivities and actually prevent future occurrences of it. My hope is that you will compassionately consider the experiences of a more sensitive population and be inspired to think more deeply about your impact on the environment and the people around you.

Mission  Statement

This website is not intended to be a complete medical explanation of CS or the physiological effects of fragrances and chemicals, but it will link you to sources of this information. It is also not about the political aspects of this issue, though this is very important. The purpose of this website is:

1) To educate the general public about Chemical Sensitivities (CS) - also known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or Environmental Illness (EI). What is it? What’s it like to live with it?

2) To inform consumers of the health risks of chemical and fragrance based products for all individuals, including those without any major health problems.

3) To promote and encourage fragrance-free, less-toxic living as a way to support people struggling with Chemical Sensitivities, support your own health, and support the environment.

P.S. Yes, the name of this website is somewhat of a misnomer. But it was too catchy to resist! Just be aware that not all toxic chemicals stink, and not all things that stink are toxic.

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